Brandon’s Story

On July 27, 1984, God decided to bless my mother and father with their first-born child. They did not know it at the time, but that beautiful little child would change their lives forever. He would bring them happiness and joy, teach them about patience and understanding, as well as the true meaning of unconditional love. Brandon Kirk Sims was born with a very serious birth defect. The large majority of children born with his disability suffer grave and debilitating problems that threaten their quality of life. My mother and father were told that his prognosis was poor and his predicted quality of life was going to be minimal at best. With such a macabre picture of the future in front of them, my parents turned to God and prayed. Their prayer was rooted in a fundamental and unwavering love for this unborn child that God had blessed them with. They were filled with uncertainty and fear about what the future held but never lost faith in God's plan. They put their faith in Him and decided to allow Him to mold their lives according to His will. 

Today, Brandon is 35 years old and lives a great, fulfilling life. God decided to bless my parents with two more boys after Brandon. As a very close-knit family (Carmen, Buckshot, Brandon, Blaise, and Ben), we support each other in our everyday struggles and triumphs. Brandon is also surrounded by a community that loves him dearly. He is actively involved in the church community of St. Mary's Catholic Church as well as numerous other local churches. He is an active member of the Franklin Parish chapter of the Lion's Club and was elected President in 2016. Brandon also participates in a myriad of other community involved projects and gatherings. He is a great friend to all those he encounters. His love and devotion to friends and family is truly exemplary. His smile is contagious. His laughter is heart-warming. His love is unconditional. His impact on all of our lives is irreplaceable. 

Throughout my life, Brandon has always been there for me. When my life gave me obstacles and hardships that I felt where too much to handle, my family and Brandon were their to support me. Back in high school and growing up, whether it was baseball, basketball, soccer, or football, I always saw Brandon on the sidelines cheering me on. Now, it's my turn, your turn, our turn to cheer Brandon on in his game of life. Every day that he graces us with his beautiful personality and presence is a blessing sent straight from the good Lord. Thank you God for blessing our family with Brandon. May we all learn from him and his actions and truly become the wonderful, loving, and compassionate souls that you meant for us to be, just like Brandon.

I love you Brandon,

Your Little Brother, Blaise

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